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I’m not going to even get mad at the things you do because we’re not even together right? Okay then. 

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I still have followers on this. I’m so happy (‘: 
Anyways, if you guys are still following me, I would be following you back on my new Tumblr. <3 
I still love all your posts ! Keep it coming.
 - Stephanie <3  

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I barely go on this Tumblr account

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I don’t really have high expectations. All I really ask for is someone I can be myself around, someone who can make me laugh, someone I could talk to for hours without the conversation getting boring, a bestfriend who is also my significant other.

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Nothing but what I think & uploaded music that I’ll eventually put(:

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I think I’m going to start a new Tumblr where it’s not reblogs. It’s actually going to be my thoughts on there. Oh fasho ! (: LOL, should I do that ?

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